EU regulators look to LNG and away from Russian pipelines: document

Reuters, Barbara Lewis, 11/3/15 –

European Union regulators are preparing a strategy to import more liquefied natural gas (LNG) while scrutinizing Russia’s plans to expand its pipeline capacity to Germany, a draft EU document says.

The document is part of the European Commission’s efforts to enforce a single energy market, based on regional cooperation and diverse sources of energy shared across the 28-member bloc.

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Coos Bay terminal could ship natural gas from Colorado to Asia

Associated Press, 10/5/15 –

A proposed liquefied natural gas terminal in Oregon that would give producers in the Piceance Basin an outlet to reach customers on the Pacific Rim is one step closer to approval.

The Veresen Inc. terminal received environmental approval last week, though the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission will have final say on the project in December, reported the Grand Junction Sentinel.


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Alaska’s fiscal solution? Use fund earnings, keep LNG project on track

Alaska Dispatch News, Tim Bradner, 8/27/2015

For Alaskans, there is no good news out there on the economic front, it would seem. All the more reason to get serious about reforming our state’s fiscal system before a collapse of the state budget risks pushing the economy over the brink.

At the rate we’re burning though cash reserves that’s about three years away. Some good news, however, is we can avert this if we act soon. The tools readily at hand are using some of the Alaska Permanent Fund’s multibillion-dollar annual earnings and capping the annual citizen dividend, which by some estimates may exceed $2,000 this year.

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